Part Time MBA

David Oberlander

David Oberlander
Class of 2018
Hong Kong

I completed my bachelors in business administration and graduated from the University of Arizona during the height of the 2011 financial crisis. With the looming pessimism in the US job market, I decided to travel abroad and found myself a year later working in Hong Kong’s finance industry. Shortly after, an opportunity presented itself and I decided to take a leap of faith to start my own business in the distribution and integration of American made fire safety and access control systems for commercial buildings. As a result, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many world class manufacturers, architects, system integrators, property developers, engineers, and other professionals from a variety of countries and backgrounds. It has been an enlightening, and also a challenging experience thus far.

To better prepare myself for what lies ahead, I decided to take the initiative on self-improvement and applied for the part-time MBA programme at HKU. Without a doubt, it was clearly one of the best decisions I’ve made. Many concepts learned in class can be immediately applied to practice in the workplace, which motivates me to attend class to digest more knowledge from the esteemed faculty at the HKU MBA programme. In addition, the opportunity to meet students from all walks of life offers a refreshing environment to study in. I look forward to continuing my education at HKU and welcome future prospects from joining our community!