Full-time MBA

Daisuke Nakagawa

Daisuke Nakagawa
Class of 2020

After graduating from Waseda University, where I studied International Transaction Law, I started my career in the HR and Customer Service Section at Japan’s largest railway company. Since I wanted a meaningful career that supports my community, I decided to work in the railway industry which plays a crucial role in Japan’s society.

My company has expansive knowledge and business expertise not only in railway operations, but also in affiliated sectors such as retailing and information technology. The company has expanded its business internationally, however, it has relatively few leaders who are qualified to work in the area of international expansion, so I was eager to be a leader of global development. My past experiences with the company have shown me that I need the management and business skills offered by an MBA program, as well as expertise in the Asian business environment, to achieve my goal successfully. At that time, I wanted to broaden my horizons through international exposure to the Asian business environment. That is when I chose to study at HKU.

The HKU MBA is the perfect way for me to gain the skills I need to achieve my goal. I have learned to cooperate with people who have diverse values and perspectives and I have intensively studied business in Asia through the Asian business cases offered by the Asia Case Research Centre (ACRC), which could help me not only when working internationally, but also with employees within my own company. My experience with HKU has exceeded my expectations. I saw a fantastic chemistry between the students in supporting one another’s learning, so I treasure each and every meeting that I have.