Part Time MBA

Christine Li

Christine Li
Class of 2017

I have never  studied abroad before. After I obtained my bachelor’s degree in financial management from Zhejiang University, a top-tier university in mainland China, I started my career in equity research and commodities research and spent many years in different cities including Shanghai, Beijing and here in Hong Kong.

I was relocated to Hong Kong 2 years ago and it was really exciting for me. I had planned for further education even before moving to Hong Kong because I think the pursuit of knowledge should be a life-long journey. After several years of working experience, I know much better than when I was in college what I should devote my time to, and how. The MBA programme provided by the University of Hong Kong has such a broad scope and comprehensive curriculum that it satisfies the various needs of different students. I always find there are so many things to learn from the professors and my fellow classmates.

I have particularly chosen several finance related courses to strengthen certain skills that are essential for doing excellent work in the financial market. Hong Kong is an international financial center that harbours enormous possibilities and opportunities. It will be a memorable and valuable experience in my life.