Full-time MBA

Charlotte Guan

Charlotte Guan
Class of 2021
Hong Kong

After obtaining my Bachelor of Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, I began my career in a HK4As marketing agency. I worked closely with the CEO to expand the business in the Guangdong/Hong Kong /Macao Greater Bay Area, and to bridge the gap between Hong Kong and Mainland entrepreneurs. By virtue of these same efforts, many Hong Kong and international brands have effectively built up their brand images in the Mainland and have been able to take advantage of this key market.

With three years of work experience under my belt, I believed it was time to pursue an MBA; I wanted more formal business training to take my skills to the next level. I believed that an MBA would help me shift towards becoming a business leader and female entrepreneur, and that it would open many doors to new opportunities. And so, I applied!

The best thing about HKU business school is the people I am surrounded by every day. My classmates are from 18 different countries, so I am immersed in a different cultural experience every day, fueled by classmates who have diverse backgrounds and experiences. Any time I have needed help with things that are unfamiliar to me, such as corporate finance and analytics, my professors and classmates have been so generous with their time.

HKU MBA offers up diverse sources of inspiration for my career path. The school’s Career Development & Training Team is always so willing to help out and provide me with valuable career advice. My ultimate goal is to become a business leader who has a positive impact on society.