Part-time MBA

Carmen Chow

Carmen Chow
Class of 2021
Hong Kong

1. Brief background pre-MBA

After obtaining my undergraduate degree from the University of Hong Kong, where I majored in Japanese studies and minored in business studies, I started working in sales and marketing for Japanese MNCs across the APAC markets. I am currently a sales manager at the Hong Kong branch of a Japanese finance and leasing corporation.

2. Why did you chose the HKU MBA programme?

Hong Kong’s role as an international business hub continues to be strengthened by the spectacular economic growth of Asian countries. The Asian focused curriculum offered by HKU is, without doubt, the best programme to equip myself with the necessary knowledge and strategies to further pursue a management career within the APAC market. As a HKU undergraduate, I appreciate the dynamic and diversified learning experience, alongside the flexible schedule offered by the programme. I am able to maintain a balance between career development and academic growth.

3. How is your experience so far?

My MBA experience with HKU is beyond my expectations. After years spent in a sales role, I realised that knowledge of business management and leadership is as important for career development as it is for personal growth. The MBA’s well-rounded curriculum allows me to better understand business and finance, and to develop a critical thinking mindset. The diverse pool of professionals from different cultures and industries provides an extensive network, as well as a source of brilliant ideas from different perspectives which are valuable both inside and outside the classroom.

Besides, modules are well designed and well balanced between theoretical and practical applications, enabling us to understand the fast-changing business environment in a realistic and informative way. It is definitely a life-changing investment for my personal growth and professional development.