Part Time MBA

Brian Chan

Brian Chan
Class of 2013
Hong Kong

I am the co-founder of Netcare Technology Limited, one of the leading IT solution companies in Hong Kong since 2004.  I earned my first degree in Information Systems in 1997.  Before joining Netcare Technology, I held several sales and marketing positions in IT and communications industries.  At Netcare, I have different responsibilities including management, business development and sales and marketing strategies formulation.  Over 12 years at Netcare, I have established  well valued partner with various IT vendors. Netcare was awarded “the Best Sales Growth Partner 2010” in Asia Pacific Region by Transition Networks and the company was also given the “Best Sales Growth Partner 2010/11” award in Greater China Area by Mobotix.

I made a decision to pursue my MBA study at HKU in 2011.  The programme broadened my horizon by opening me to various people and places.  I met professionals from different backgrounds in my class who inspired me in my management philosophy.  Being elected as a Class Representative of the MBA programme further accelerated my communication with these different minds. The private corporate visits to the European Parliament at Brussels, Belgium and to Cambridge, UK provided me with international exposure and valuable exchange opportunities.  I know  that the decision to pursue the HKU MBA has proven tremendously beneficial to my career.  I can actually practice all I learnt from the programme back to my work.