Part Time MBA

Bian Ji

Bian Ji
Class of 2016
Hong Kong

I never expected my career to be like this when I first joined a top Chinese real estate developer in 2008, after getting the Bachelor and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering in Shanghai. Due to the financial crisis in that year, I was assigned to be a front-line salesman which is not my expertise but I won the top sales prize six months later. Afterwards I was transferred to different cities and performed different roles within the company. Now I work as assistant general manager of HR management in the group headquarters in Hong Kong. Though not quite how I planned it to be, I still find the experiences and challenges quite interesting.

The most important reason I am pursuing an MBA programme in Hong Kong is that I want to step out of my comfort zone and learn something new. Besides, this city not only has a highly diversified cultural environment, but also the best business schools in Asia. A reputable MBA programme in Hong Kong will provide you with the opportunities to interchange ideas and thoughts with people from different cultural backgrounds, which is a big plus in learning as well as from a social point of view.

For me, HKU MBA part-time programme is definitely the best choice, because it has both a good reputation and high ranking in the world, and it provides me with the flexibility to balance work and study. After one year’s study, I found the programme went even beyond my expectation. First of all, I studied the up-to-date knowledge and analytical skills in the finance area systematically, which were critical complements to my knowledge structure and also helpful to my future career. More importantly, HKU provides us with an inspiring and open learning atmosphere. Thus, I got plenty of opportunities to communicate with the professors, honorable guest speakers, and my talented classmates and alumni both in the classroom and after class. For instance, I once got a chance to have lunch with a professor I had admired for a long time and discuss the development trend in my industry with him!

I always believe that life is a journey about searching the unknown, finding the meaning, getting to know oneself and creating possibilities. I feel really grateful that HKU MBA makes my journey more cheerful and wonderful.