Full-time MBA

Atsuro Sato

Atsuro Sato
Class of 2019

I spent more than 17 years in Japan working for 5 different companies in different roles and came to realise that more and more innovations come from Asia, while Japan has been stagnant for the last a couple of decades.

Asia is so attractive to me because emerging economies evolve quickly, and they can bring disruptive changes to developed economies in the region. In order to expose myself to such an exciting situation, I decided to pursue an MBA at the most renowned school in Hong Kong, which is simultaneously one of the hubs of Asia and the gateway to China.

I am now so happy, enjoying spending time with classmates here who are all young talented persons, and I can imagine how the corporate executives in the upcoming era will lead their teams and organisations. Most importantly, HKU MBA gives me the incomparable opportunity to become true friends with them. Now I am really looking forward to the rest of my MBA life.