Full-time MBA

Anna Qu

Anna Qu
Class of 2022

My name is Anna Qu and I have worked as a product manager in a number of leading internet companies in Beijing for close to ten years.

I applied to the HKU MBA programme because I hope it will advance my career. The University of Hong Kong has a good reputation and is the best university in the city. Hong Kong was also my preferred location to live because it is international, diverse and has an evergreen environment.

I want to use the MBA to help me transfer into the investment industry. I have a desire to learn knowledge related to finance as well as to develop a strategic business mindset.

The MBA programme has definitely been a learning journey. Every day we take different courses such as accounting for business decisions and corporate finance, we do case studies and conduct discussions and undertake group projects so I have the opportunity to learn from both the course and my classmates who come from different countries and regions and have different professional backgrounds.