Shenzhen Badminton Tournament 2023-2024

On December 2, the HKU MBA badminton tournament took place in Shenzhen, serving as our flagship event for the MBA community. We extend our gratitude to our alumni, Stanley Chan, Libby Leung, and Anirudha Bopche, for their invaluable support in organizing this highly successful event. The tournament not only highlighted the remarkable talent and sportsmanship of MBA students but also facilitated meaningful connections and unforgettable experiences.

After the fierce competition, here are our winners:

1. Men’s Singles: A) Champion: Ansom Garg B) First runner-up: Alvin Ou C) Second runner-up: Chen Zhao

2. Men’s Doubles: A) Champion: Edmund Chan & Alvin Ou B) First runner-up: Chen Zhao & Frank Guan C) Second runner-up: Calvin Ching & Dojo Zheng

3. Women’s Singles: A) Champions: Dionne Liu B) First runner-up: Xiaowen Qin C) Second runner-up: Lisa Sun

4. Mixed Doubles: A) Champion: Edmund Chan & Lisa Sun B) First runner-up: Calvin Ching & Dionne Liu C) Second runner-up: Daniel Su & Xiaowen Qin

Congratulations to all the winners!