Part-time MBA: Alumni Sharing Session

The “HKU MBA Part-Time Alumni Sharing” session was held on 31st August 2021 at the Admiralty Town Center. The event welcomed seven outstanding alumni from a cross-section of industries to share their academic experience and career paths with incoming part-time students.

The sharing session was moderated by Pakki Chan (Class of 2018) under the themes #Excited #Expectation and #Encouragement. Pakki was joined by fellow alumni Samantha Pei (Class of 2019), Martin Newell (Class of 2018), Lisa Sha (Class of 2020), Samson Poon (Class of 2014), Anson Lee (Class of 2018), and Mindy Li (Class of 2021) to share advice, including encouraging students to move out of their comfort zone and emphasising the benefits of building quality relationships with classmates and professors. The participating students benefitted greatly from an interactive session that saw them learn from their predecessors’ academic and professional experiences, gaining insight on how to achieve the right work-life balance, alongside other commitments.