Panel Discussion on Future Currency

The Panel Discussion on Future Currency was held on 12th January 2022 with 50 MBA alumni and students in attendance, either in person at the HKU Admiralty Town Centre or via Zoom.
Three outstanding panel members were invited, all of whom are insightful leaders in the fintech sector: Syed Musheer Ahmed, Founder & Managing Director of FinStep Asia; Zen Fong, Head of Crypto, Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange (HKD.com); and Simon Auyeung, Head of Strategic Initiatives, HashKey Group.

The panellists shared their views on the cryptocurrency market trend, the global framework for crypto regulation, and its risk and business implication. Moderated by full-time MBA student Nana Yamakawa and part-time MBA student Marco Caruso, the panellists answered questions raised by students who were eager to obtain practical advice on pursuing a career in the digital asset industry.

Recording of the discussion can be viewed here.