Online Webinar Session on ”Career Strategies During a Pandemic” by Varun R Thakur (Class of 2014)

Last week our HKU MBA Career Development had the privilege of having our distinguished 2014 MBA alumnus, Varun R Thakur conduct an online webinar session on career strategies during a pandemic. Varun is currently Business Development Lead at Amazon Web Services, based out of their Luxembourg office, and is also an experienced career coach and strategist.

We had both HKU MBA alumni and students join the session globally on this very insightful sharing, where Varun discussed the challenges of the current economy and the impact of #covid19 on the labour market..

Key takeaways were strategies for career development in an increasingly digital and virtual world, how to stand out and position yourself online, and how to develop additional skills to tide over jobs that are disappearing. The session not only focused on career strategies, but also gave tips on how to cope with stress during this difficult time, particularly for job seekers. Thank you Varun for your insights!