Leadership Talk by Mr. Alan Hilburg

HKU MBA was honoured to host a leadership talk presented by Mr. Alan Hilburg, President and CEO of Hilburg-Malan, on the topic “From Tylenol to telephones on fire: Crisis leadership in the 21st Century” at the Town Centre on March 2.

The MBA students and alumni took away a lot from Mr. Hilburg’s talk. It helped to get them ready mentally for what to do when faced with brand trust issues in both their professional lives and personal lives. It also better prepared them to understand the values surrounding the businesses and to spend more time taking action to prevent crises.

Our students and alumni also enjoyed the drinks reception after the leadership talk which allowed them to talk personally with Mr. Hilburg and his colleagues Mr. Duke Malan and Ms. Chloe Lam.

Written by Kartik Parameswaran, MBA Candidate (Class of 2018), President of Finance Club