HKU MBA Hybrid Event: “I Coach Bosses to #bossbetter”

We are honoured to have had David Siu, Founder of Enliven Works, share his 20+ years of leadership experience at Apple, Nike and Accenture at our hybrid Leadership Talk: “I Coach Bosses to #bossbetter.”

Having worked across numerous teams, David addressed issues such as how to make your job better, lead an effective team, manage conflicts, plan your career, and many more. He used his own experience to illustrate various management styles, and attributes of good team players and great leaders.

The session was interactive; he asked participants to vote on several topics and focused on the most popular requests. During the Q&A there were questions such as how to deal with a team when there are people from different cultural backgrounds, what to do when your team disagrees with you, and how to evaluate a job offer, etc. Thank you David, once again, for the insightful and engaging session.