HKU MBA Badminton Tournament 2021

The HKU MBA badminton tournament, a flagship event for the MBA community, was held on the 27th of June at the HKU Flora Ho Sports Centre. The event was supported and organised by our alumnus Stanley Chan (Class of 2010).

A total of 40 alumni, students and staff participated in five fun filled and joyous competitions. We were all champions and are more than happy to share the winners below!

1. Men’s Single
A) Champion: William Wong
B) First runner-up: Geoffrey Lau
C) Second runner-up: Ernest Cheung

2. Women’s Single
A) Champion: Yvonne Hui
B) First runner-up: Pamela Lee
C) Second runner-up: Angeline Widjaja

3. Men’s Double
A) Champions: Edmund Chan & Willian Wong
B) First runners-up: Bin Li & Vincent Wang
C) Second runners-up: Arpit Arora & Akshay Rao

4. Women’s Double
A) Champions: Elaine Wong & Yvonne Hui
B) First runners-up: Agnes Chan & Samantha Pei
C) Second runners-up: Cherry Wong & Wendy Tang

5. Mixed Double
A) Champions: Anson Wan & Pamela Lee
B) First runners-up: Edmund Chan & Jennifer Chen
C) Second runners-up: Marc Lai & Athena Chau