HK Badminton Tournament 2023-2024

The HKU MBA badminton tournament, our flagship event for the MBA community, was held on October 23 at the South China Athletic Association Clubhouse. We are grateful to our alumni Stanley Chan, Edmund Chan, and Marc Lai, as well as our Sports and Recreation Club, for their support in organizing this successful event. The tournament showcased the talent and sportsmanship of MBA students, fostering connections and creating memorable experiences.

After five rounds of spirited competition, here are our winners:

1. Men’s Singles: A) Champion: Edmund Chan B) First runner-up: Jimmy Chan C) Second runner-up: Kannan Kakani

2. Men’s Doubles: A) Champion: Yew Meng Chew & Charlie Cheng B) First runner-up: Jimmy Chan & Anson Wan C) Second runner-up: Andy Li & Marc Lai

3. Women’s Singles: A) Champions: Pamela Lee B) First runner-up: Dionne Liu C) Second runner-up: Palak Agarwal

4. Women’s Doubles: A) Champions: Madeleine Chan & Ravon Li B) First runner-up: Winnie Leung & Samantha Pei C) Second runner-up: Alyssa Victoria & Avani Jain

5. Mixed Doubles: A) Champion: Edmund Chan & Winnie Leung B) First runner-up: Anson Wan & Pamela Lee C) Second runner-up: Kevin Lo & Candy Hu

Congratulations to the winners, and we look forward to future editions of this exciting tournament.