Gap Information Sharing Session

HKU MBA Mentorship programme is a 6 month programme running from mid-October to mid-March. The Mentorship programme for the MBA Class of 2019 was launched on 23rd Oct 2018 . In keeping with the times ahead, we began the event through an E-launch instead of a conventional physical gathering. This was highly appreciated by all the participants in the programme.

This year, we partnered with 40 mentors with very diverse backgrounds, to mentor our 59 students. The mission of the HKU MBA Mentorship programme is to give an opportunity for students to learn from industry leaders, build character and confidence, and strengthen leadership and interpersonal skills including networking and communication. Mentees get an opportunity to get acquainted with a mentor from his/her area of interest. This is a unique opportunity for students to develop a professional relationship with their mentors whose experience will place the students at an advantage during the MBA journey, and beyond.