Diwali Celebration 2017

HKU MBA celebrates the festival of lights with the spirit of unity in diversity

The ancient Hindu festival of Diwali is celebrated across the world. It symbolises the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Diwali transcends borders and cultures. It is about being thankful for what we have been given and celebrating it with friends and family.

HKU MBA celebrates Diwali because it is an inspiring community that believes in creating bonds and appreciates varied ways of looking at the world.

To celebrate Diwali, class representatives of HKU MBA organised a celebration with an array of Indian food, drinks and music in honour of the “festival of lights”. The students who attended the event gave the culinary and cultural experience very positive reviews. They enjoyed the sumptuous Indian food, in particular, chicken curry, samosa, and crisp fried pastry. People couldn’t keep their fingers out of these delicious Indian dishes and finished them one-by-one. Non-Indian classmates dressed up in traditional Indian wear to brighten the party. Everyone danced together to the tunes of Indian music.

The multi-national class celebrates the festival of lights with the spirit of unity in diversity.

Harsim Ranjit Singh, Full-time MBA, Class of 2018