China Immersion Programme: ZS Hospitality Group

Elizabeth Chu, CEO and chairwoman of ZS Hospitality, gave an engaging talk to our MBA students as part of the China Immersion Programme.

Dubbed by the Michelin Guide as “one of the youngest and brightest restaurateurs in Hong Kong”, the millennial entrepreneur explained how her group, which runs a portfolio of outstanding restaurants including the Michelin-starred Ying Jee Club, Whey, and Hansik Goo, navigated the challenges brought by the COVID pandemic. During the talk, Ms. Chu and the group’s leadership team, which includes Natalie Yiu from Human Resources, Chloe Mok from Marketing, and Kenneth Mak from Operations, also highlighted the importance of effective communication in driving success. From the kitchen to the back office, the team explained how they built a platform for everyone in the company to work towards the common goal of providing exceptional dining experiences to their guests.