China Immersion Programme – Panel Discussion

The 2021 China Immersion Programme – Panel Discussion was held on 8th December, 2021 at HKU’s Admiralty Town Center campus. There were 4 outstanding panel members invited, all of whom are industry leaders in different sectors including e-Commerce, gaming, insurance, and law.

The event was kicked off by class representative, Allen Shan Leng, who introduced the panelists. Associate Dean and Professor Yuk-Fai Fong, a main moderator of the event, asked questions under the theme of .

Savio Kwan, CEO of A&K Consulting and former President and COO of Alibaba Group, shared information on Chinese economic growth, from manufacturing factories into the digital industry. Catherine Choi, Chief Greater Bay Area Strategy Officer at Sun Life, highlighted the importance of the Greater Bay Area (GBA), which has over 2M affluent families (12% of China’s GDP) and is experiencing a fast-paced economic growth, providing future business opportunities. Ms. Choi emphasised the strategic central location of Hong Kong, given its depth of capital market, robust financial regulation and international talent pool.

Tian Xiao, Director at Tencent Games, explained the key driving factors of innovation in the framework of the ecosystem, including innovators, investors, talents, and the big brother effect driven by competitors. He also pointed out that the Chinese consumer is very adaptable to new technology, which drives a fast-paced progression in technology. He said China is still young in the gaming industry, but its innovation and pace of development is faster than any other country.

Davyd Wong, Special Counsel at YTL LLP, stressed the importance of China’s legal system, which has been developing its own system over 30 years to meet with international standards of practice and business requirements. He mentioned that the court system has been transformed into an online court.

Lastly, panels advised MBA students to develop their problem solving and communication skills, both of which are skill sets required for employment. They also put emphasis on being a team player and life-long learner with curiosity and an open mindset.