Career Development and Training: Company visit at Microsoft

Under our Learning and Development Curriculum, we had the honour and privilege of hosting our second Leadership Forum Series at Microsoft!

Fred Sheu and Leo Chan shared their insights on how a more empathetic focus in leadership style drives connectedness and togetherness among employees, focusing on diversity, inclusion, and having a growth mindset in the workplace. Thank you to Doris Hui for sharing your insights about the digital and skilling culture, and details on the different learning resources from Microsoft. Special thanks as well to Seyon Park and Sean Tam for guiding our students through the Microsoft Experience Center tour.

Thank you so much again to the team at Microsoft for your generosity and time with our students! Special thanks to our Associate Dean, Yuk-fai Fong, for moderating, and to our student ambassadors as well – Keyao Wei and Pavan Kumar Arasappa.