Alumni Webinar Series: MBA Success Stories – The Women Enterpreneur by Ariel Lai (Class of 2020)

Our Women in Entrepreneur webinar this past weekend with our alumna Ariel Lai was a huge success! Thank you Ariel for the insights and to all the participants who attended, we hope you found it informative.

Ariel shared a lot of insights on how HKU’s MBA programme helped transform her mindset of start-ups from trial and error of failed businesses, to two growing successful ones. Knowing she didn’t have a strong business background encouraged her to pursue an MBA, as it provides a holistic business acumen.

Choosing HKU business school was an easy decision, due to the alumni networks and being the oldest tertiary education institution with global recognition. She entered the MBA programme with a clear goal and vision of what she wanted to achieve, selecting electives which would benefit her objective of being a successful entrepreneur.

The professors of HKU MBA have been extremely inspirational in their passion for teaching, mentorship and the support of her businesses.

Her advice for aspirants is “if you think it will work, stay positive and do it. Don’t let others tell you it can’t be done. Have a clear cut goal and a persistent mindset.”