Alumni Webinar Series: MBA Success Stories – An Executive Career Journey by Mahesh Dumbre (Class of 2011)

For the HKU MBA Alumni Webinar Series this week, our 2011 alumnus Mahesh Dumbre shared key insights from his MBA experience, as well as his executive career journey – spanning 16 years -, in which he’s worked with some of the largest and most reputable organisations from around the world.

Speaking from past experience, Mahesh discussed ways to anticipate and deal with changes in today’s highly volatile business environment, touching on challenges such as leadership battles, industry shifts, company reorganisations and complicated people matters.

Key takeaways were the importance of executive career planning and management, as well as how our attitude towards handling challenges could have multiple implications which define our careers.

Mahesh also provided participants with a holistic perspective of how the HKU MBA programme helped with his career, reminiscing about good times with cohorts during his journey and feeling thankful towards his mentor for his continuous guidance and support.

For those who attended, we hope you enjoyed the webinar and found it informative. Thank you Mahesh again for your insightful sharing!