Part Time MBA

Patrick Chung

Patrick Chung
Class of 2013
Hong Kong

Why I choose HKU MBA amongst other business schools

I love HKU because of its well-designed curriculum, high reputation and big alumni network.  At HKU MBA, students can focus on one module at a time, This is important especially so for part time students who need to work, as it would be much easier for them to concentrate on one subject and follow through.  Secondly, HKU MBA has been awarded very advanced rankings in Financial Times and The Economist for many years. With so many business schools offering MBA in the market, I wanted to get the most recongised one.  Last but not least, I chose HKU MBA because HKU has the biggest alumni network in Hong Kong given its long history, I knew I would be able to get support within the MBA community.

My overall experience of HKU MBA

It was an amazing experience and I feel so proud to be part of it. Students are elites from diverse industries while many teachers are industry leaders. Classes are mainly in discussion setting, so students can learn new things from different perspectives and industries. As well, the MBA Office hosts different networking events to allow students to meet with different set of people such as HKU alumni, Full-time MBA students, alumni, and joint-universities. All of this all help students enlarge their social circle very quickly.

What I found most useful through-out my experience 

There are a lot of case studies that were discussed in the classes.  All students are highly encouraged to participate in the discussions to share their thoughts and comments.  Having gone through over one hundred case studies, I was able to view or judge things from different angles, enabling my critical thinking skills which have helped my career a lot when I need to make strategic decisions.

How to balance work and studies effectively

First of all, the curriculum allows students to focus on one course at a time so it would be much easier for them to concentrate on one subject and follow through.  Peer support is also very important. When dealing with group projects, group members from different industries can choose to contribute in a particular section which they excel at. As classmates come many diverse industries within the class profile, such as finance, accounting, marketing, and IT, the workload can be managed easily.

My advice to MBA aspirants

To learn, explore, connect and enjoy the journey as it will only happen once in your life, which will impact your life a lot!

Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain
Company: Yamato Logistics (HK) Ltd.
Job Title: Executive Officer and General Manager