Full time MBA

Nikhil Chadha

Nikhil Chadha
Class of 2015
Hong Kong

To become a successful engineer, I had always fancied backing up my technological prowess with professional managerial expertise. I patted myself on the back for having landed admission to HKU’s coveted MBA programme. I was indeed in seventh heaven and promised myself silently and resolutely to keenly follow the programme – its contents, activities and advanced lay out. I pledged inwardly to excel and reward myself with the uncanny brilliance of our regular and visiting faculty, who would mentor us through our journey at HKU and LBS.

What I found as I chugged along the 14-month course was simply amazing and mind blowing; the overall course quality, the innovativeness of initiatives like then mentorship programme and the personality reinforcing career workshops by Career Development and Training. I took up a strategy-consulting project with one of the biggest transportation services in Hong Kong and later a digital marketing project with a technology start-up in London. With all this happening during the course, I felt a distinctive transformation in my perception of life and my approach to my career underwent a huge alteration. I have learnt to imbibe the value of questioning and challenging even the most straightforward views and contentions. This approach enabled and empowered me to be honest, upright and innovative.

With my first job after my MBA in Hong Kong, an entirely new chapter has spontaneously unfolded in my career and professional life, which has bolstered and accentuated the quality of my analysis, decision-making and application. I am confident that wherever we are in life and career after our chiselling at HKU, we are bound to leave a distinct  imprint as the blessed alumni of HKU Business School.