Full time MBA

Katie Fung

Katie Fung
Class of 2015
Asia Pacific

It was not an easy decision to quit a stable job and engage in full time study, but I do believe I made the right choice with HKU MBA. School life is always fun and exciting, especially since you are getting along with a group of specialists from all over the world, from different cultures and backgrounds. HKU MBA network is a large talents and knowledge pool.

To be successful is never just about technical knowledge and always about how you manage interaction with different people, the dynamic environment and the logical thinking; the critical process in addressing problems. No doubt, the 14-month programme sharpened my skill sets in all these areas with the series of networking events, CEO talks, company visits and case studies. In addition to that, the LBS track was amazing in the way it helped me to step out from my comfort zone and widen my horizons.

It was an honor to represent HKU MBA as one of the team members to participate in the Global Student Challenge organized by the Supply Chain Finance Community of The Netherlands. Neither supply chain nor finance had been my specialist area, but this was a unique opportunity for me to tackle a real business case and interact with top talents and experts in the supply chain world.

After the MBA programme, I took a position as engineering director in a world class technology company, taking care of the introduction of new products in Asia Pacific sites. Technical knowledge and customer handling are fundamental, whilst to advance my career, team management, operation strategy and financial understanding are crucial. In these, HKU MBA gave me a great and solid stepping stone.