Part Time MBA

Gary Tam

Gary Tam
Class of 2016
Hong Kong

Currently I work at Nomura, in its Portfolio Management and Equity Trading Division. Previously, I worked at HSBC from 2004.  I received a Bachelor Degree from York University, Canada.

After 10 years of solid working experience in the investment banking industry, I realize that in order to further develop my career and be ready for an executive position in the future, it’s time for me to find a way to enhance my finance knowledge and widen my skill-set in areas such as  management and leadership.  After searching and exploring different MBA programmes in the market, I found that the HKU MBA programme best fits my interest and current job type, not only from  its long established reputation, but also because the curriculum will largely focus on China and Asian markets, which will definitely benefit my career alongside the growing business opportunities in China and Asia.  In order to get the competitive advantage in today’s job market and equip myself with more knowledge, an MBA degree will definitely help me to rise higher.

Industry: Banking
Company: CNCBI Asset Management Limited (China CITI Bank International)
Job Title: Director, Portfolio Management