Part Time MBA

Atay Malaev

Atay Malaev
Class of 2016

Having been in a global role in the strategy team of a business unit in Schneider Electric for the last few years, I wanted to pursue an MBA programme after moving to Hong Kong. My objective is to grow in my present company and I strongly think that HKU MBA can help me to refresh my business knowledge and bring me new vision and perspectives. I believe that a best-in-class Asian MBA degree can boost my career development and unlock opportunities with growing focus on Asia.

I enjoy being back-to-class as I meet other part-time students with different profiles and backgrounds from my workplace. The classes are quite interactive and we are encouraged to participate in discussions. So far, the topics learnt are meaningful to me while helping me to think out of the box and apply the knowledge to my day-to-day full-time job. We also meet with other students out of class to work on projects assigned or just to enjoy a day of hiking somewhere in Hong Kong.