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Grace Leung
Class of 2020
As I continue to meet professionals and engage in thought-provoking business conversations in class and in the field, I have become aware that my learning is accelerated when participating in discussions with diverse ideas
Jozef Mansy
Class of 2020
The various modules of HKU MBA provided me with great insights into different aspects of the business world, since my professional role is very much focused on the financial world
Evon Hui
Class of 2020
I am really glad that I have chosen the HKU MBA programme. I am able to get acquaintanced with many people from various industries
Pakson Chen
Class of 2020
I am glad that I could apply what I learnt from HKU MBA in my new role and the programme truly helps a lot
Allen Kan
Class of 2020
I chose HKU MBA as the programme is well structured and has attracted students from different sectors and industries, which allows me to expand my vision and to learn from different experts among us
You Ri Choi
Class of 2020
Exchanging ideas during the case study, having a heated discussion in the class and having a community to share the knowledge; all these activities have been pivotal in inspiring me and motivating me to move forward
Cheryl Yip
Class of 2020
This year has greatly broadened my horizon and expanded my professional network and looking back, this has been a really worthwhile experience and a decision that I am glad I have made
Kevin Yao
Class of 2020
I have been seeking after a prestige school with Chinese exposure in Hong Kong to let me unlock unknown opportunities in Asia
Steven Ho
Class of 2020
“To transform and grow one’s mind, you start by stepping out of your comfort zone” has always been my life motto.
Will Yu
Class of 2019
For me, choosing to study my MBA at HKU Business School was straight forward. HKU Business School has a global reputation and is one of the oldest institutions in the world, so it is unquestionably well-regarded.