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Carole Wong
Class of 2016
The quality of the lecturers, varied seminar opportunities and the international exposure drove my motivation to join the HKU MBA programme
Bobo Fong
Class of 2016
It is not always easy to study after a full day’s work but the excellent study atmosphere of HKU MBA helps me to overcome this hurdle
Bian Ji
Class of 2016
The most important reason I am pursuing an MBA programme in Hong Kong is that I want to step out of my comfort zone and learn something new
Simon Ha
Class of 2015
To all of you aspiring to do an MBA, I urge you to treasure every moment of your journey - both in and out of the classroom.
Josie Yang
Class of 2015
I very much enjoyed my two years study at HKU Business School. My MBA journey was generally very enjoyable, and I learnt a lot not only from lecturers, but from my cohorts.
Andy Lai
Class of 2014
Communication is key when it comes to balancing a full-time job and part-time studies.
Natalie Eunmee Chung
Class of 2014
My MBA journey was very enriching and I would say that it helped me greatly with advancing in my career.
Regine Tin
Class of 2014
I admired the opportunity to pick two EMBA programmes as electives. I did not see other schools providing such opportunities at that time
Samson Poon
Class of 2014
I was not only obtaining academic knowledge from HKU MBA classes, but also expanding my human network and creating friendships that would have positive impacts on my ongoing journey
Melody Wei
Class of 2014
The investment of time and money in MBA is well worth it