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Wilson Chan
Class of 2023
The classmates around me are brilliant, and I enjoy every insightful in-class professor led discussion and exchange. I believe the two-year HKU MBA course will be a memorable learning experience for me. I also have a high degree of confidence in our post-MBA journey which I am sure will be fascinating.
Serena Cai
Class of 2023
Although we have had to switch to online learning from time to time due to the pandemic, our professors are all committed and professional. More importantly, we have a very diverse class from different countries and work in different industries. The in-class sharing and out-of-class team discussions are some of the most inspiring moments of my study. We learn a lot from our peers and the friendship we build up will never end.
Baba Kazuhito
Class of 2023
My experience so far has taught me a lot of financial knowledge which I have been able to use to strengthen my company. My classmates, professors and teaching assistants are very talented and are helping me to look forward to a bright future.
Belinda Lo
Class of 2023
As a biomedical science specialist, the MBA will be invaluable in expanding my network in the region’s dynamic and rapidly evolving business environment, as well as developing crucial knowledge domains in business. My goal after the MBA is to combine the knowledge and network gained from the programme with my scientific expertise to help organisations enhance their business strategies to provide better healthcare services for societies in the Greater Bay Area.
Julien Legrand
Class of 2023
The programme is challenging, packed and intensive (as expected) but it is also very gratifying. The university and the professors did a great job transitioning to the virtual learning environment in such a short time in the middle of February.
Bhavya Siddappa
Class of 2023
It might sound crazy to some, but studying for an MBA during the pandemic has been the best decision of my life so far. I wanted to continue thriving in my job while engaging in the MBA programme at the weekend, and HKU MBA had the perfect programme for me to do this. It didn't require a lot of soul searching, mainly because HKU had always been a dream of mine - not only the programme but also the institution.