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Winson Chung
Class of 2022
The MBA helps me a lot as an engineer; one example is the “Managerial Analytics” course. It taught me about using big data to develop Artificial Intelligence. With this, I could apply A.I. to enhance the engineering tasks that I work on, such as using robotics to help with construction
Vladimir Emmer
Class of 2022
HKU Part-time MBA's possibility to take the weekdays part-time programme in the HKU’s Admiralty Town Centre campus which suits me as it allows me to better manage my time in terms of my work, life and family balance
Ronnie Ko
Class of 2022
The HKU MBA is a 360 degree programme; it is not only about technical business knowledge but also a reflection of yourself to help you understand where you are in your life and career and what you need to do to take yourself to the next level.
Kaifeng Huang
Class of 2022
Experiences such as learning with like-minded individuals so that we can grow and improve together. I was lucky to have a strong team spirit on the part-time programme with some wonderful personalities
Max Sun
Class of 2022
In general, taking the HKU MBA programme will be extremely helpful for both Fitch and myself in terms of reinforcing the network of capital market connections among issuers, bankers, investors and market participants
Jolly Gong
Class of 2022
I believe, with the combination of professionals from different industry, together with the financial knowledge provided by the MBA programme, it will be a door of career change for someone who aims to land a job in finance
Ray Ng
Class of 2022
The MBA programme will strengthen my business knowledge and the subject that has impressed me most so far is business ethics. The connection between social responsibility and profitability has totally changed my perception of a company’s purpose