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Martin Hermanowski
Class of 2013
One of my objectives in studying for an MBA was to find out which industry I wanted to continue my career in, and both the classes and the intensive interaction with classmates from a wide range of industries helped me to make a decision
Noel Hanssens
Class of 2013
HKU MBA Career Development and Training provided me with resources and assistance to reach this point, opening my mind to numerous ideas about exploring and developing which triggered the desire to invest in myself even further.
Chandan Gupta
Class of 2012
Similar to most of the other MBA candidates, shifting industry post-MBA was one of the key career goals for me
Dion Hemaratanatorn
Class of 2012
The MBA degree I obtained at HKU opened up many opportunities for me to advance in my career
Jasneet Singh Anand
Class of 2012
Choosing HKU was part of my objective of shifting my industry from sales and marketing to real estate investment
Shuhei Aoki
Class of 2013
My MBA experience helped my career change by deepening my finance expertise and expanding my network in Asia
Erik Ruthrauff
Class of 2012
My main duties are audit focused, generally reviewing and analysing credit files.
Russell Zhou
Class of 2012
HKU MBA was a journey of discovery for me. Here, I found myself again. I knew exactly that I wanted to explore a financial career although I didn’t touch finance before the MBA
Sheila Xu
Class of 2012
Life consists not only in holding good cards, but also in playing your hand well. The HKU MBA experience is a good card we hold, so let’s play it well
Karan Choksey
Class of 2012
I chose the HKU MBA first because Hong Kong is not only the main hub for financial services in Asia, but also one of the main markets for non-resident Indian (NRI) private banking