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Zoe Park
Class of 2015
HKU MBA became the biggest turning point in my life. I got the career change I had wanted, a deeper understanding of business and friends from all over the world
Naseer Hazarika
Class of 2015
The HKU MBA has indeed turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life
Katie Fung
Class of 2015
To be successful is never just about technical knowledge and always about how you manage interaction with different people, the dynamic environment and the logical thinking; the critical process in addressing problems
Nikhil Chadha
Class of 2015
What I found as I chugged along HKU MBA was simply amazing and mind blowing; the overall course quality, the innovativeness of initiatives like then mentorship programme and the personality reinforcing career workshops by Career Development and Training
Yiming Zhang
Class of 2015
HKU MBA provided a sound platform to help us to think more deeply about WHO/WHAT/HOW, about self-review, right direction and methodology to make us winners in our career lives
Syed Musheer Ahmed
Class of 2015
They say an MBA is more than just a course. It is a journey, both personal and professional. A path chosen to lead you to your goals
Elizabeth Stevenson
Class of 2014
My career transition was made possible through strategic networking. I did not blanket companies with applications but rather focused on developing relationships which could lead to more impactful and productive use of my time
Neha Agarwal
Class of 2014
My decision to do an MBA from HKU was truly a life changing one. I chose courses which would enhance my knowledge of the Chinese market and the Career Development and Training team equipped me with the tools required for me to be noticed by companies in Hong Kong
Wade Qin
Class of 2014
I have really appreciated the MBA experience in HKU. The systematic and insightful lectures greatly helped me understand the kernels of finance, management and marketing
Alice Yoon
Class of 2014
HKU MBA Career Development and Training provided a personalised consultation, encouraged me to pursue alumni networking, take online evisor lectures, and share my updates which, all together, helped me find my way on to my next career