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Sakshi Gulati
Class of 2020
The global vision at HKU provides excellent networking opportunities at other world-renowned schools, such as LBS & Columbia, and business hubs. This is an important factor that aligns with my goal with understanding of what global business really means.
Nikki Lim
Class of 2020
Hong Kong has always been one of my favorite places to visit as this is an ever-changing city that is dynamic in its culture and people. Hong Kong is a mash-up of modern skyscrapers and uninterrupted vistas which can have an appeal for anyone that passes through the city.
Jaipuria Raghavendra
Class of 2019
To aspiring MBA applicants: whilst the one-year programme is tough, due to the need to study and network simultaneously, Hong Kong is all about networking - and you should make the most of it whilst you are there.
Iris Xie
Class of 2019
The HKU MBA programme leaves me with an ‘endless aftertaste.’
Zai Chen
Class of 2019
Considering my current position, I think the most practical gains made during my MBA journey are English skills, communication skills and understanding about people from diverse culture backgrounds.
Jansen Ivan Uy
Class of 2019
Apart from collaborating with a culturally diverse group of people from different industries, HKU MBA programme allowed me to explore best practices within top corporations and served as a venue for a fruitful exchange of ideas amongst great minds.
Kritika Taneja
Class of 2019
The rigorous, yet flexible, HKU MBA curriculum offered an all-inclusive enlightenment on key business fundamentals and areas of strategy, where I required further exposure.
Kavinthip Phalajivin
Class of 2019
Studied in HKU MBA helped me to sharpen my interpersonal skill such as collaboration and team work as I was required to work in a diverse group all the time
Hong Phuc Nguyen
Class of 2019
They all say you would meet interesting people doing MBA. But being mentored by the former President and COO of Alibaba and able to have a coffee with the man once a month is way beyond my dreams.
Kyoji Fukuda
Class of 2019
I thank HKU MBA for allowing me to be exposed to a wide array of knowledge and networks in such a short period of time. The meaningful learning experiences at HKU MBA helped me gain confidence and explore opportunities beyond what I thought was available to me before pursuing an MBA