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Sheila Xu
Class of 2012
Life consists not only in holding good cards, but also in playing your hand well. The HKU MBA experience is a good card we hold, so let’s play it well
Karan Choksey
Class of 2012
I chose the HKU MBA first because Hong Kong is not only the main hub for financial services in Asia, but also one of the main markets for non-resident Indian (NRI) private banking
Shaista Jhaveri
Class of 2012
One of the main reasons I joined the HKU MBA Programme was to grow within the financial services domain and explore investment banking and private equity opportunities on an international level
Laurence Wong
Class of 2012
The HKU MBA was an experience like no other and I would not trade it for anything in the world. It brought me friendships that will stand the test of time, a new perspective on life and a renewed focus on a rewarding and exciting career
Rex Lin
Class of 2012
HKU MBA provided me with the business skills required to change career in a very short time frame
Tim Chan
Class of 2012
The knowledge of the global business world I acquired through the dynamics of case study and LBS partnership in the HKU MBA definitely exceeded my expectations
Arafat Sheik Jabbar
Class of 2012
MBA programme helped me transition personally and professionally onto a global, corporate and institutional banking career path. The business fundamentals, diversity of classes coupled with a strong alumni network aided in a holistic view on life, post graduation
Ryan Xu
Class of 2011
With the help of Career Development and Training – through resume workshops, mock interviews, recruitment talks, and one-on-one coaching sessions – I successfully made a career switch from consulting to business management and I am reaping the rewards of the MBA education
Rahul Nigam
Class of 2011
I was trained as a physician in India and the HKU MBA was just the right push that I needed to cross over from seeing a patient to viewing the broader canvas of healthcare delivery
Sean Wang
Class of 2011
Studying in HKU’s MBA programme has brought me great range of benefits and has helped to improve my vision by widening my perspectives