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Iris Heung - Lessons From an MBA Class Representative
10 Jan 2023
From organising networking events to liaising with professors, the MBA class representative plays a critical role in shaping the student experience. But more importantly, the experience and skills gained from this role remain relevant well beyond the MBA programme. In this episode, Iris Heung (Class of 2022) reflects on her time as an MBA class representative and the lessons she learnt.
Rajendra Shroff - AI Strategy and Technology
26 Oct 2022
Rajendra Shroff, an alumnus from our full-time MBA Class of 2019. He worked in the insurance industry in Hong Kong for seven years, after graduating from the London School of Economics, with a BSc Management degree. Raj was part of the Asia Pacific regional office overseeing strategic IT projects, transformation programmes, and other matters related to department finance analysis.

Since he really wanted to transition into investment management, Raj finished his CFA qualifications and then decided to pursue an MBA to make a career change. He now works as Director, Head of Applied AI Research at Blu Artificial Intelligence. In this episode, we speak with him about AI strategy and technology.
Dr. Neeladri Verma - From Dentistry to Consulting
29 Sep 2022
Dr. Neeladri Verma, an alumna from our full-time MBA Class of 2019. She now works in the health practice team at Economist Impact. After completing a master’s degree of dental surgery back in 2014, she started her dentist journey with India’s largest multi-specialty corporate dental chain, Clove Dental.

Later, Neeladri decided to pursue an MBA at HKU as she wanted to take her professional experience to the next level. In this episode, we speak with Neeladri about how she transformed herself from being a dentist to a healthcare consulting expert.
Janice Li - Future of Air Travel
5 Jul 2022
In this episode, we speak with Janice Li, an alumna from our part-time MBA Class of 2020, about the Future of Air Travel. She works in the aviation industry in Hong Kong. After graduating with an Aviation Management degree in Australia, she begins her career in the ground handling business, first in the area of private jets and later at a company that had a customer profile of over 40 international airlines.

She now works in strategy and service design at Cathay Pacific, in a role that designs and improves customer experiences on the end-to-end air travel journey.
Bhavya Siddappa, Lewis Chen & Reynald Reni - HKU MBA ESG Club
26 May 2022
In this episode, Bhavya Siddappa, our part-time student (Class of 2023), together with Lewis Chen and Reynald Reni, full-time students (Class of 2022) talk about the first-ever student-led HKU MBA ESG club, which was officially launched in February 2022.

The three committee members plan to create personal, academic, and professional development opportunities for other club members through social activities, green changes, eco-tours, panel discussions, and various networking and volunteering events. They are passionate about Environmental, Social, and Governance. By studying the HKU MBA elective course – Business Ethics, they found their purposes and would like to raise environmental and sustainability awareness amongst people who are interested in the same goal.
Stella Chun - Business Strategy and Leadership Journey
16 May 2022
In this episode, we sit down with Stella Chun, a current part-time MBA student from the Class of 2022. She has over 20 years of extensive experience in consumer product and multinational corporations, including Swire Coca-Cola, Henkel, and GSK.

She will share her experience, insights, learnt lessons and the challenges she faced when she transitioned from the role of a Sales Director to being a General Manager, particularly amidst the pandemic.
Abinash Sahoo - Role of Product Management
20 Apr 2022
In this episode, we sit down with Abinash Sahoo, a full-time MBA graduate in 2015. He is currently working at Target Corporation USA as a Lead Product Owner. Previously he led various roles in supply chain and IT companies in Hong Kong and India.

He will share the role and importance of product management.
Lisa Sha - Regional role vs. Global role
12 Apr 2022
In this episode, we sit down with Lisa Sha, a part-time MBA graduate, Class of 2020, who has over 15 years of extensive experience in Communications and Digital Innovation at global financial services companies. Last year, during her MBA study, she has been promoted to the Head of Digital Innovation and Communications Operations to look after global operations.

She will share her experience and insights about her transition from a regional role to a global role within a multinational organisation.
Manasy Vidyasagar - Digital Transformation – Financial Services Strategy
7 Apr 2022
In this episode, we sit down with Manasy Vidyasagar, a full-time MBA graduate, Class of 2015. She has demonstrated her professional experiences in the financial services and consulting sectors for over 10 years.

She will share her insights and expertise on digital transformation strategy, particularly for the financial services sector.
David Deka - Sharing of MBA Experience
14 Mar 2022
In this episode, we sit down with David Deka who recently completed his MBA at HKU and London Business School with the Class of 2021. His work experience spans 7 years, covering sales, marketing & business development at a leading wines and spirits company

He will share his insights and MBA experience.