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HKU MBA Students and Alumni Commentary

Karolis Navickas (Class of 2022)
Be curious and open to the unexpected
Belinda Lo, Eugene Lee, and Bhavya Siddappa (Class of 2023)
MBA 2022 Annual Gala Dinner Celebration
Jacky Leung (Class of 2018)
Understanding the business environment of establishing family offices in Hong Kong
Charlotte Guan(Class of 2022)
How to get the best out of CBS Trek
Kennie Cheung (Class of 2019)
Meet with the founder of “Me Time Massage”
David Byrne (Class of 2023)
Travel around the world for 2 years
Janice Li (Class of 2020)
Discovering empowerment through the MBA programme
Kei Chan (Class of 2021)
The future of E-commerce and its trends
Karolis Navickas (Class of 2022)
How to adapt to a multicultural environment
Yuta Shirahata & Meon Tang (Class of 2021)
Meet with the most promising Startup Co-founders