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HKU MBA Students and Alumni Commentary

Karolis Navickas (Class of 2022)
How to adapt to a multicultural environment
Yuta Shirahata & Meon Tang (Class of 2021)
Meet with the most promising Startup Co-founders
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Leveraging MBA to land a career in Venture Capital
Charles Taylor (Class of 2020)
How I benefit from my financial certificate and MBA degree
Samantha Pei (Class of 2019)
I completed a full marathon - a dream on my bucket list
Eiji Soma (Class of 2017)
The Best Route to Become a Strategy Consultant
Anupriya Goswami (Class of 2017)
The Journey of Young Entrepreneur
Bhavya Siddappa (Class of 2022)
Getting inspiration from the HKU MBA Alumni
Vincci Mok (Class of 2022)
The basic principles for successful project management
William Wong (Class of 2018)
How To Master Your Skills In Badminton