Part-time MBA

Taichi Iura

Taichi Iura
Class of 2021

I spent my undergraduate years at the Waseda University in Japan where I was introduced to Asian politics, economics and culture. Since then, I have wanted to have a taste of what it was like to live and study in other Asian countries, and have yearned for an opportunity to do so.

However, this dream of mine was somehow left aside, and I eventually entered the workforce in Japan after graduation. I started my career as a sales and marketing representative for the domestic market in a Japanese manufacturing company. I was then assigned to work in the China branch where I was in charge of business planning for the China market. The experience of working in Beijing and Shanghai has turned me into a businessperson who is always eager to learn more about China business. Now, I work for the Hong Kong subsidiary company where I have to manage almost all aspects of running, overseeing and supervising a business operation on a daily basis. To tackle the challenges and to become more competent and all round, I keenly felt the need to understand Asian business in greater depth as well as strengthen my management skills. I decided to take courage to make it happen and therefore rushed to apply for an MBA programme.

I strongly believe that the HKU MBA programme will develop me into a competent business leader. The courses are interesting and are of a great variety. In addition to teaching knowledge about general management, the courses also give special focuses on Asian business which is one of the unique characteristics and strengths of the MBA programme. I tremendously enjoy the time spent with the enthusiastic, motivating and capable classmates and professors both inside and outside the classroom, as every interaction with them allows me to gain new and valuable insights, which I am sure will drive me to a successful career.