Full-time MBA

Shawn He

Shawn He
Class of 2021

Native to China, I attended the University of Singapore, where I studied Engineering Science and continued my career as an engineer in the Semiconductor industry in Singapore. I am an experienced senior engineer, project manager, photographer and divemaster.

The diversity of the HKU MBA is the reason why I chose the programme. The students come from 18 different countries and show different expertise in their relevant areas. The HKU MBA programme also encourages students to explore their own interests and pursuits.

The keenness to create positive impacts was the main driver for my pursuit of an MBA degree. Being an engineer for 8 years, I was tired of performing operational work and had always wanted to have a positive influence on others. I wanted to expose myself to more industry sectors and well-prepare myself for my next career path.

A few months into the HKU MBA programme, I gained a fuller understanding of the significance and potential of ESG issues, formalised an action plan to do my part in promoting ESG development and met, with tremendous luck and joy, so many great people in the programme. Also, taking the Business Lab course I am well connected with different talents from different industries and honoured to receive the best business impact and best social impact award from the distinguished judges. I am glad that I made the right decision to join the HKU MBA programme and confident that I can make a great positive impact in my future.