Full-time MBA

Sangeeta Bhuyan

Sangeeta Bhuyan
Class of 2021

Born and raised in New Delhi, India, I am a qualified Dental specialist and have practiced in both Government of India run hospitals and privately held clinics. My family and I moved to Hong Kong 4 years back, which gave me the opportunity to engage in research and development of tools for modernising and digitising dental education for undergraduate students, at the prestigious school of dentistry at the University of Hong Kong.

As a dental specialist, practicing anywhere outside of licensed geography is highly restricted. This led me to reflect on what skills would not only compliment my current experience and align with career ambition, but also introduce a plethora of topics to widen my horizon and diversify my skill sets. The HKU MBA was naturally my first choice, as a member of faculty at School of Dentistry. It has a deep rooted network within the Hong Kong community and this is demonstrated by all the workshops and guest lectures that have been carried out by the career development team. It has extended my network and opened exciting career pathways. I hope to build on the foundational knowledge gained through the MBA by working as a healthcare consultant in a boutique firm.

Since joining this MBA programme, I have been constantly juggling course work, extra-curriculars (marketing club and women in leadership club- which I am thoroughly enjoying) and family life. It has been a unique experience thus far. The faculty and students have remained resilient against the backdrop of pandemic. My classmates come from diverse backgrounds all over the world, but sharing this journey together has helped us become a smaller, yet tightly-knit camaraderie. I am really excited for the rest of my HKU MBA journey and by the opportunities that await upon its completion!