Part Time MBA

Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee
Class of 2018
Hong Kong

As a graduate majoring in accounting & finance at the London School of Economics, I returned to Hong Kong after studying abroad for almost a decade, and started off as a trader trainee in an investment firm. I then moved to my current role in derivatives trading at HKEX, where I have worked on various projects and initiatives that foster development of the listed derivatives market in Hong Kong, including expanding the asset classes, strengthening trading infrastructure and enhancing market microstructure.

Apart from furthering strategic thinking and management capabilities, I was looking for a MBA programme that offers a network of students and alumni from all walks of life. HKU MBA has a track record for a good mix of students from various industry backgrounds. I have classmates from logistics, manufacturing, technology, marketing, public relations and luxury brand management among others. Meeting and working on group presentations with people across different industries was not only fun, but has also widened my business horizons and allowed me to view issues from multiple perspectives for better decision making. On the teaching side, I appreciate that all the professors I have met so far are passionate in their specialised areas and many are also experienced practitioners in their industries.