Part-time MBA

Natasha Tsai

Natasha Tsai
Class of 2023
Hong Kong

I started my career at a start-up in the biotech industry and then shifted into business development and management for healthcare equipment. I am currently responsible for conducting and managing the procurement processes for medical equipment for the Hospital Authority.  

With HKU being my alma mater, I am confident that the university will provide an excellent community as well as abundant resources for me to nurture and equip myself with. This in turn will provide me with the essential skills and knowledge required to manage businesses, which will help me reach my career goal.   

The HKU MBA provides students with a wide range of elective courses in addition to the required core courses that ensure and help you build a solid foundation on common business topics. I am very impressed with offered courses that relate to current hot topics such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. The majority of MBA classes require a high level of participation and in return you gain valuable insights from your classmates who come from different walks of life. The discussions in class are definitely very interesting and rewarding. Overall, in spite of the social measures from COVID-19, HKU MBA has provided me with a very enriching learning experience. My classmates are very friendly and engaging which definitely enhances the atmosphere of the online classrooms!