Full-time MBA

Kenneth Jee

Kenneth Jee
Class of 2021

Before the HKU MBA programme, my background was in healthcare finance and health insurance operations. Having worked exclusively in the US healthcare industry, what I lacked in my career was a well-rounded business acumen as well as exposure to diverse industry viewpoints. Pursuing the  HKU MBA was a decision I made in order to build a global perspective and gain a deeper understanding of the growing industry trends and necessary cultural dynamics needed to succeed in business in the Asia Pacific region. The opportunity to study in a global financial hub such as Hong Kong made the decision to choose the HKU MBA programme even more attractive.

Throughout my MBA journey, I have been able to meet classmates with incredibly diverse backgrounds, participate in student clubs geared towards my interests in finance and consulting, and network with business leaders across a wide spectrum of industries.  Outside of the classroom, the MBA Career Services team has connected us with personal mentors who are leaders in the industries aligned with our career interests. This has allowed us to gain invaluable career guidance as well as an outlet from which to grow our network.

The HKU MBA programme so far has been incredibly enriching and rewarding. What makes this programme truly special is the camaraderie and the tight-knit relationships I have been able to develop with both my classmates and professors. I think a truly overlooked benefit of HKU MBA’s programme has been the small class size. Since day one of orientation, the cohort has been joined at the hip and everyone knows each other’s life journey and previous experiences. It has allowed all of us to invariably get a chance to work on a class project or group presentation with every single member of the cohort at some point and allowed us to build life-long, meaningful relationships with each other.

The HKU MBA programme thus far has surpassed my expectations. It has challenged my preconceived notions about what being a business leader means while preparing me with the hard and soft skills needed to pursue my career ambitions.