Full-time MBA

Jonah Liu

Jonah Liu
Class of 2019
Mainland China

Prior to the HKU MBA, my focus was to use my quantitative background and multi-markets experience in investment risk, and my skills in research and trading with data, to achieve greater efficiency. I worked as an equity trader for a boutique China focused fund management firm, after an earlier position working as an analyst for RBC Global Asset Management. I am originally from the northwest part of China, and before moving to Hong Kong, I lived in the US for 9 years where I obtained my undergraduate degree in statistics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

I have always believed that the people who have taught me, inspired me, motivated me are what influence me the most and I always try to learn from their qualities to better shape myself. Thus, having a strong community such as HKU MBA would be invaluable to me for the opportunity to meet motivated and talented people from different cultural and professional backgrounds who are passionate about exerting a positive influence on others. Moreover, HKU is constantly pumping fresh blood into top financial institutions that are based in its key location, at the financial center of Asia where it has connections with top industry leaders and where I aim to lay my future career path.

Already it is proven that I have made the correct choice and I have learned so much from the faculty, my classmates and alumni. The programme truly provides a diverse and dynamic environment and I believe diversity of global proportions can prosper the most energetic and innovative ideas. In addition, I really appreciate the opportunity to improve my team-working ability and my presentation skills through engaging in all kinds of group projects on a variety of topics.

After my MBA, I hope to devote my career to seeking investment opportunities in the Greater China markets and eventually I want to build my own team that can help better define the financial industry in Asia. The success of such an endeavor will depend on strong leadership skills and a strong network which I am working on to equip myself with through the HKU MBA programme.