Part-time MBA

Jaime Manon Macias

Jaime Manon Macias
Class of 2021

I am currently working in global strategy at BASF, the largest worldwide chemical company, having spent the past 10 years with them in Mexico, the United States, and now in Hong Kong. I have led global R&D activities and new product launches, regional capital investment projects, sustainability initiatives and the implementation of new sales and marketing frameworks. After having previous working experience in applications development, sales, marketing, asset management and new business development, I am currently responsible for the implementation of a multi-billion business strategy globally.

By 2030, China’s share of global chemical production will increase to nearly 50%. Asia-Pacific is a growing market for innovations from chemistry and BASF has announced numerous large investments to capture growth in the region. This is one of the many reasons I decided to embark on my MBA journey with HKU. So far, the programme has proven its ability to equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge about the market dynamics and business environment in Asia-Pacific to support my current organisation in this fast-growing stage. I do believe that other economies in the world can also learn from the ability of this fascinating region to adapt new business models and technologies and I would love to be an ambassador for my learning here wherever I go next.

Additionally, this has been a great opportunity to expand my network globally and enlarge my toolbox to become a successful leader in the future. I have had the fortune to live in North America and Europe in the past and now that I am in Asia-Pacific, I want to utilize my time here to the fullest potential by learning from a diverse class, comprehensive curriculum and the well-balanced regional and global focus offered by the HKU MBA.