Full-time MBA

Isabel Chen

Isabel Chen
Class of 2017

My last job was in the globally renowned luxury brand, Gucci, where I worked for more than four years. I started as an assistant to the head of the retail operation department  and later was promoted to be a business analysis specialist. My years of experience in a luxury brand helped me to gain in-depth knowledge of the retail industry and market, the business cycle of consumer goods and companies, and how a luxury fashion brand operates. I completed my high school education in a local high school in Sydney Australia and gained  my bachelor degree in business administration in the United States.

My primary motivation for pursuing an MBA degree is to strengthen professional knowledge and skills through a steep learning curve. My second is to accelerate my career progression. I look to widen my career horizon from strategy planning and business analysis inside a luxury fashion brand to strategy planning for an M&A focus on the consumer retail industry. My third motivation  is to benefit from HKU’s renown as a university that provides  a first-class education and have the exceptional experience of  living in Hong Kong, undoubtedly one of the key financial hub for the world’s most famous banks and host to  a pool of talents from both West and East.

So far my HKU MBA experience has been fruitful and eventful every day. Starting on orientation day one, I met a group of talented students from very diverse backgrounds which was an overwhelmingly exciting experience. Since then, learning with and from my classmates has happened every day, throughout in-class discussions, experience sharing, and social events that we attend together. The guest speakers and the career workshops are very inspiring, insightful, and professional. The sessions I have attended so far have already begun to make me mindful of  my future career development.

It has been just  two weeks for me with HKU MBA, and yet it is an  unforgettable start!