Part Time MBA

Freddie Feng

Freddie Feng
Class of 2017
Hong Kong

I was born and raised in Beijing, China. I joined China’s largest shipbuilding corporation ( China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation) right after I gained a Bachelor degree in engineering. Serving the corporation for over ten years, I have been gradually promoted from a project manager to deputy managing director of the group’s Hong Kong subsidiary. The business of the Hong Kong subsidiary covers ship brokerage, ship finance and leasing, as well as the import and export of marine equipment. I am currently in charge of the sub-company’s overall operation, ranging from business to finance.

I have always been on the lookout for further study in both academic and practical ways as my career has advanced. When I was appointed to the new position in Hong Kong, I had the chance to experience the vibrant economic environment in this global financial and business hub, and I made a decision to pursue a more comprehensive knowledge of business and to sharpen my management skills.

“Learn business where business is”. HKU attracts me in terms of its prestigious heritage and world-class education. Being a member of the HKU MBA family has exposed me to cutting-edge business theories, a multicultural environment, various industrial perspectives, as well as real-world experience. Since I embarked upon the MBA journey, I have been frequently inspired by professors’ insightful viewpoints and deeply influenced by classmates’ brilliant comments. To my great surprise, the well-designed modules were not confined to basic theory. Practice and theory were naturally intertwined through HKU’s case-based learning approach. Beyond that, professors always elevate the implications from our interactive discussion to the very level which  directs the philosophy of my mindset and future behavior.

“Every choice has tradeoffs; strategy is contingent” (Managerial Economics), “To determine the mismatch between your strengths and opportunities and to leverage your strengths to reduce the mismatch” (Organizational Leadership), “Using three-part framework to make a change” (Business Communication).These are some of the valuable takeaways from the wealth of profound perception that I have gained from my MBA classes.