Full-time MBA

Frankie Chen

Frankie Chen
Class of 2022

My name is Frankie, I am from Taiwan and before joining the HKU MBA programme I worked in the semiconductor industry. The reason I came to Hong Kong is because the city is at the intersection of Western and Eastern culture. Hong Kong’s place as the hub for China means that the city offers a free and open environment, while the university is renowned for nurturing talent at its faculty.


My classmates are from a diverse range of backgrounds which is a cause of celebration. I believe that the course is helping me to refine my management experience, as well as my understanding of finance.


I was able to learn much of the course’s dynamic atmosphere from joining sessions held by the HKU MBA staff before I joined the programme. The programme itself offers courses such as Analytics for Managers, Competitive Strategy and Advanced Corporate Finance. These courses offer me wide ranging views into real life business.


My MBA journey is just starting, but I believe that the HKU programme will lead me to obtaining great business opportunities after graduation. The programme offers me an extraordinary chance to further develop every aspect of myself, and I plan to use the solid foundation of the school and the city to grow.